Let our Leicester dental practice fix your smile...long term!

Are you fed up with unruly dentures?

For years, uncomfortable, ill-fitting dentures were the only real solution for missing teeth.  But that isn’t the case anymore.

At Briarmeads Dental Practice in Leicester we offer a permanent, comfortable solution to tooth loss - dental implants.

Dental Implants look, behave and feel just like your natural teeth.  They are permanently fixed into your jaw and so do not move.  No movement means no rubbing, no sores and no removing them in public!

Implants are coloured matched and styled to fit in seamlessly with any remaining teeth you have so they won’t look out of place; all people will notice is how great your smile looks!

To find out if our Leicester practice could help you replace your unwanted dentures with a permanent solution to tooth loss, simply call us today on Leicester 0116 271 0500 to book a no-obligation consultation.

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