with the Inman Aligner available at our Leicester dental practice

You may have previously considered orthodontic (braces) treatment but were deterred by the appearance of the braces or by how long you would have to wear them for? Perhaps you were interested in clear braces but your smile was not suitable for the treatment?

Whatever the reason you’ve previously chosen not to proceed with orthodontic treatment we’d like to offer another solution – The Inman Aligner.

The Inman Aligner is fast, effective, comfortable and discreet – everything we’re sure you’re looking for in a set of braces!

Teeth are very gently re-positioned so the treatment is comfortable

Treatment time can be reduced by up to half of some other types of orthodontic braces

The price is dramatically reduced due to this reduced treatment time

If you’d like to know if your smile is suitable for the Inman Aligner treatment call our Leicester dental practice today and book your no obligation consultation to discover more – Leicester 0116 271 0500

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