How to help your smile last a lifetime!

Prevention is better than cure....

You know that prevention is better than cure, and we don’t just mean when it comes to health matters – also remember the proverb ‘a stitch in time saves nine’?!

When it comes to matters of the mouth (and smile), prevention is the key to achieving and maintaining a beautiful, functional smile for a lifetime.

Our modern, family dental practice which is located in Oadby near Leicester prides itself on its high standard of routine dental care alongside cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics. 

Regular visits to the team and hygienists at our dental practice in Leicester will allow us to monitor your hygiene regime and make corrections and suggestions BEFORE further, more intrusive work is required. 

So if you have visited the practice for a while don’t wait until something goes wrong, call us today and book you consultation!

ReturnNov 14, 2016